Our enterprise is located in eastern Hungary,in a small town call "Kölcse", in the heart of the "Szatmár" region, in one of the most untouchable, less explored, and rural area in Hungary. The "Szatmár" region is very often called as the "fruitbasket" of Hungary, very famous of it's apples, plums, cherries and wallnuts.
We are sorrounded with a lot's of natural parks, which provides an excellent possibility to farming organicly.

We started our businnes in 1997, as a small family owned farm,with only 1 hectar of land,growing vegetables and fruits. We were continously expanding the businnes, today we are growing fruits and vegetables on nearly 50 hectars. In 2003 we built a cooler and a packhouse, with 600 tonnes of storage capacity.

In the beginning of 2004 we decided to change, and we started to convert our land to the organic growing system. From that moment we are not using artifical fertilizers, synthetic chemicals and weed-killers.
The conservation and the protection of our environment is the priority goal of our company.

We are exporting our products since 2005 to several EU countries, and since 2007 to Israel as well.
We are also presenting our products on the local hungarian market.

Organic Kingdom Ltd was established in the beginning of 2008, for trading, processing and exporting organic fruits and vegetables.
We are integrating several organic farmers in the region, buying their products and offering long time partnership for them.


Our plans:

In 2009 we would like to renew our cold storage and packhouse, and we would like expand our processing facilities as well.
We applied and won on a EU agriculture tender for a new apple grader and washer ,and a fruit juice making machine, we are planning to set up our own juice factory in this year to produce natural,100 % apple and other juices.

In this year apart from our own production,we would like to continue to buying up organic fruits and vegetables in the region, in the scope of the integration we started in 2008.

Our goal is to offering to our customers a consistent and good quality of organic goods in big amount, following their needs.

In our long term plans we would like to establish an organic fruit and vegetable coop in our region.


Our products:

Organic apples (industrial and eating)
Organic red currants (fresh and IQF)
Organic green asparagus
Organic pears (industrial and eating)
100 % organic apple juice
organic dried apple products
• on demand we could provide other organic fruits and vegetables as well